Canal Treatment

Lawn Irrigation

December 8th, Lochow (new provider) completed an herbicide treatment.  There is no hold on watering lawns necessary.

Annual Meeting Notice 7-20-24

July 20, 2024, at 10:00AM at the Granite Shoals Volunteer Fire Department

Granite Shoals Fire and Rescue

Upcoming Board Meetings

The Twin Isles Board will meet on the following days:






All meetings start at 10:00AM at the Granite Shoals Volunteer Fire Department

New Vegetation

Herbicide Sonar-Genesis_Label

Muck Blocks F-55 Label_31871

Fertilizer Information


While performing weed removal, a representative of Clearwater noticed how green many lawns are adjacent to canals, indicating fertilizer use. Please read the following memo he did for another client.


 -Do not fertilize within 10 feet of the water; AND

– Use fertilizer that does NOT contain phosphorous.

Thank You

Twin Isles Waterways Committee



Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are the three main ingredients in fertilizers and usually represented as three numbers 20-5-12. The middle number is Phosphorus and Phosphorus is a key contributor to algae growth in the lakes. Please choose a fertilizer with a low middle number (low in Phosphorus) – Slow release fertilizers are also preferred.

Atrizine avoid Weed & Feed Fertilizers that contains Atrizine – this is a fast moving chemical that can pollute our water wells.

Starter Fertilizer – Never use starter fertilizer at the Lakes of Katy! This blend is very bad for our water quality.

Fertilizer Application – Please do not apply any fertilizers within 10 feet of the lakes!

Waterway Committee Meeting

Please join us for an informative session from our Waterway Committee this Saturday, April 4th, 2022 at the Granite Shoals Fire Department.

Protect your Pets

Beware that all Algae could be Toxic in any of the Highland Lakes:

Protect your pets

Please see below website for the protection of pets – LCRA’s recommendations

Algae in the Highland Lakes

Introduction of 2021 / 2022 Officers & Directors

Invitation for Members to Volunteer and Become Involved in the Community

Dear Neighbors,

I hope this finds you well and enjoying what remains of summer! 

One of the Board’s goals this year is to provide transparency into the state of affairs of Twin Isles subdivision and the Board’s efforts on your behalf, increase neighborhood participation in the betterment of our community and to keep residents well informed. 

As Board members, we are representing you, the Twin Isles property owners and it is a privilege and honor to do so. Please remember that the Board consists of volunteers serving each and every property owner to oversee the daily functions and financial responsibilities of the Association and we need each and every homeowner’s help to be successful. There are many areas for each one of you to serve our community along with us! We are currently in need of help on the following newly formed committees:

  • ·  Waterway Review Committee
  • ·  By-law Review Committee 
  • ·  Architectural Review Committee 
  • ·  Violations & Enforcement Committee
  • ·  Member Communications Committee (website, newsletters, etc.)

We would like to encourage each resident to volunteer and get involved. As always, bring any and all ideas and solutions to the Board, so that we can together create a better community. Please feel free to reach out to any of the board members directly or email [email protected] if you are willing to help!

There is a lot of important work to be done for Twin Isles and it will take our community working together to get there. Please be a part of the solutions and improvements as they occur. If something interests you or you can donate your time and trade or craft, please reach out. If you want to create a neighborhood directory, or newsletter, or organize events, or be a street captain, or create a welcome wagon, or oversee contracts, or run a website, or plant a community garden, etc., please contact us at [email protected]

We look forward to suggestions of ways to improve the community and hope you will consider sharing your talents by serving on the various committees and other activities. We are looking forward to great things ahead with a refreshed energy of community-directed toward creating and maintaining the best-kept secret in Burnet County! 

Important upcoming dates and announcements:

September 25th at 12pm: Board Meeting & Executive Session via Zoom (login information posted at and agenda attached)


Twin Isles Board of Directors